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Elmsberry and more!

Posted 6 October 2020, 23:38:56 UTC :: Last edited 6 October 2020, 23:38:56 UTC by Sunny

Hello everyone! I wanted to write a quick update. 

It's autumn now, and the Murder at Elmsberry Manor has begun! The first person to get the correct answer will get a semi-custom common bab from me, and other prizes will be awarded for effort. The newest raffle is up as well.
Were past 150 kids on the masterlist, with a lot more coming. Again, if you need to submit a prompt, tell me beforehand and I'll put your kid on the ML.
Unfortunately, some very sad things in my life have slowed me down a bit. However, I am working on everything, so please be patient as I work on things.
I'm adding so much more content, so please stay tuned, and ty.

Autumn Update

Posted 24 September 2020, 15:45:33 UTC :: Last edited 24 September 2020, 15:45:33 UTC by Sunny

Hello everyone! We are continuing to work on the website, and I wanted to just send out a message regarding some of the changes that are being made, which are as follows:


  1. The navigation bar has been changed, with information added. It's pretty self-explanitory, but I hope that this makes it easier to navigate. We're still working on the pages, as well as some additional ones, so please keep in mind that some things might still be changed around. However, for the most part, I expect that most things will stay where they are at now.
  2. We are continuing to work on the Masterlist. This is a slow process, but one that we are working on.
  3. We do not have our major content/seasonal quest up yet, as we are not finished with it. However, it should be up fairly soon.
  4. Some graphics have changed. We will be continuing to add graphics as we progress and add more information.
  5. Once we have uploaded most of the relevant Quest information, we will be handing out the necessary items that people have earned in the past. Again, this will take some time, but we will be transfering any currency you have earned into your accounts once we can manage it.
  6. The Terms of Service have been updated, and are almost complete. Please note that by continuing to use the site, you agree to these Terms. We are also in the process of adding a privacy policy, and will release that as soon as we are able to.

That about covers the current updates (for now.)

Thank you for being part of our site, and continuing to use it!


Posted 19 September 2020, 21:24:38 UTC :: Last edited 19 September 2020, 21:24:38 UTC by Sunny

Hey everyone! We are continuing to work on the site, its layout/theme, etc. We still have tons to do!

A word of warning: don't use Hotmail/Outlook/Live to sign up! There is some kind of issue where you simply won't get it. For those of you who have, I will try to fix them later.
We have started uploading the Masterlist. It is going to take awhile, so please be patient.
I am starting to upload items/quests. There's still tons to do before next week! For those of you have signed up already, we will be raffling off that bucko soon!
Let us know if you have any other questions or issues, and ty! 

Closed Beta

Posted 16 September 2020, 15:31:39 UTC :: Last edited 16 September 2020, 15:31:39 UTC by Sunny

Hello everyone! Welcome to our closed beta!

As we make changes, we will be posting all updates. Thank you for your patience as we work on this!