Species Lore

Created: 31 March 2021, 18:31:09 UTC
Last updated: 17 April 2021, 16:44:25 UTC


Due to popular demand, I have squished all of the species' lore into one WORLD LORE DOCUMENT. 

While these are no longer accurate, you can still view the old documents by following these links:

species lore overview

Please be sure to read the species overviews to gain a fundamental understanding of them. 


  • Creambuns 
  • FS
  • BTD
  • AL
  • T


I DON'T UNDERSTAND SOMETHING; WHAT DO I DO? If you have questions regarding any of the lore or species, and have already read the documentation, you can ask for clarification in Discord via the #help-desk. PLEASE NOTE THAT SOME LORE IS TIED INTO QUESTS, AND SO I MAY NOT ANSWER YOUR QUESTION DUE TO THIS.

I DON'T LIKE THE LORE. WHAT DO I DO? While you are free to give suggestions via the #help-desk, please understand the lore is as-is, and that complaining about it will change nothing. 

I'M NOT TOO INTO READING; DO I HAVE TO READ THE LORE? No, you don't need the lore to play in general. However, all quests/prompts follow lore, and are required to be cannon, so it is reccomended that you read it when you have time.