Species Overview

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This page contains information about all of the species in general so you can get a better idea of what WoA is about! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in #help-desk!

Aetheria currently has four types of species: Main, Companion, Aetherian, and Planetary species.

  • MAIN species have large questlines. These questlines fit together to complete one giant story.
  • COMPANION species are just that---Companions to a specific species. These species help the Main species, and are intertwined with their stories.
  • AETHERIAN species is a blanket term for a very large selection of species. These species can be used for a wide variety of Quests/Prompts, and will eventually have their own storyline to go through.
  • PLANETARY species are for species that may visit Aetheria, and are from nearby planets. (Note that these are not the same Earthlings.)




  • CREAMBUNS are ice cream bunnies, with five different forms to progress through.
  • FIRESOULS are fae-like canines made of fire and glass, and sometimes lava.
  • BUBBLE TEA DOGS are as the name implies, and made of bubble tea and malleable  glass.
  • ALUVIANS are a wisp-like equine/cervidae species made of great magic and wonder.
  • TIANSHI are an aquatic race with human and animal faces that can live both in the sea and on land.




Some species have what are known as sub-species! These are sub-types of the normal species, with their own rarities, etc! 





  • NATHANNA are a winged race of forest friends. (Creambuns.)
  • FURLINGS are a dragon-like species. (Firesouls.)
  • DREAM SANDIES are a glass and sand species. (BTD's.)
  • GADROPLYN are small, very powerful creatures. (Aluvians.)
  • YUM-YUMs are a canine, food-based race. (Tianshi.)


(Left to right-Bao Bun, Nim, Faboolyn, Keytang, Darachi)

Aetherian Species come in all sorts from small to large. Due to complexity, you will need to view our  AETHERIAN SPECIES GUIDE on Google Docs to get a full list of these creatures!




Although these are still considered Aetherian species, these are species that have been created via WoA Events. MYO's may be given out as prizes, and are not available through regular means, or the complete opposite, etc. (They are closed unless otherwise stated.)

They are as follows:

  • Spoopling, a dumpling like creature that comes in savory or sweet themes. Click here to view the Guide. [PENDING]


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