Terms of Service

Created: 13 September 2020, 01:35:09 UTC
Last updated: 24 September 2020, 15:00:23 UTC

WARNING! DO NOT USE HOTMAIL/OUTLOOK/LIVE WHEN SIGNING UP! You won't get the verification e-mail.


Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully before signing up for our website. Signing up for our website is free. By signing up, you unilaterally agree to these terms and, as such, are subject to both the terms and the laws of the United States. This site is protected under copyright laws. No pornographic or illegal content is allowed on the site. Agreeing to these terms is required if you wish to use the site. Should you sign up for this site, and refuse to follow these terms, you will be subject to temporary, or even permanent, ban. 

We have the right to change these ToS at any time. However, you will be given up to thirty days to agree to these ToS. Failure to accept the terms will have you removed from the site at say time. We reserve the right to limit our platform to users who abide by the ToS.

If you have questions, or wish for clarification on any of these terms, please contact us directly.


You are required to be at least 13 years of age, and have parental consent to be part of our site if you are under 18.  It is your responsibility, and yours alone, to faithfully give us accurate information in regards to your birthdate, e-mail, and Deviantart account, which are required to use the site. If it is found that you are underage, you will be removed from the site.

  • While most of our site is family friendly, please understand some parts of WoA require 18+ years of age and require legal consent to view. This is because some Aluvian Quests, while not pornographic, require some maturity to read and may deal with topics often difficult to discuss. A description of the content will be posted appropriately and access is prohibited without a waiver. It is your responsibility to be aware of these Quests/prompts and view them at your own discretion. We are not responsible for what areas of the site you choose to access, or what content you see.

Please note that WoA does not monitor site messages; we are not responsible for what others might send you. Should someone send you something NSFW/pornographic or illegal in any way, please contact us.

You, and you alone, are responsible for the safety of your account. Do not post your personal information, or share your passwords, or anyone else's. Owning a joint account is prohibited, and owning an account after you have been permanently banned is prohibited. You are limited to one account.

Any links outside of WoA are not WoA's responsibility to regulate. Links to other sites do not represent us, and we are not responsible for any links outside the site. You further acknowledge and agree that WoA shall not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with use of or reliance on any such content, goods or services available on or through any such web sites or services.

The site is represented as-is. Attempting to cheat, exploit, or do anything illegal for any reason is not allowed. Should you encounter an error, or bug, please let us know. 

We are not obligated to update the site, although we intend to. Once again, it is your responsibility to keep your information secure, and an account is created of your own volition. That includes any and all payment information handled off-site. 

Lastly, assets obtained for free through the website are not allowed to be sold, or redistributed without written, explicit permission. You may not exchange in-game currency for any monetary reason either.

To read more about copyright and content you upload to the site, please see below.

Refusal to follow these rules, knowingly or unknowingly, may result in a ban.




  • Be kind and respectful to other users, regardless of what their beliefs might be. Do not send hostile messages to ANYONE. Harassment of anyone will NOT be tolerated. Do not name-call, intimidate, etc. Refusal to obey this rule may result in an immediate ban.
  • If you have any issue with any user, please let us know, though it is important to note that we will not mediate between parties, and it is your responsibility to resolve any conflict on your own. We will only intervene in circumstances that break these ToS.
  • Talking about politics, religion, sexuality, death/suicide, any hot button topics, etc, are not permitted. Please be mindful when interacting with other people. 
  • Do not spam.
  • Do not beg, whine, or complain.
  • Do not steal anyone’s designs.
  • Do not steal anyone's species.
  • Do not post any other species besides those in Aetheria. 
  • Do not trade what is not rightfully yours.
  • Use the systems on the site to trade. 
  • Obey all species rules.
  • You are allowed one account per person. Co-ownership of designs or accounts is not permitted. 
  • If you wish to link a different DA to your account, it must be yours and no one else's. 
  • Entry to this site does not guarantee service. 
  • Do not post illegal or NSFW content.



  • WoA is a free ARPG. However, certain events and items can only be obtained through obtaining one of our species through purchase or trade.
  • While we absolutely encourage role-playing, we ask that you RP with the lore in mind while on site. This will make it easier for everyone to interact and have fun!
  • You are allowed to post my work on Deviantart/TH (celestialsunberry), and furaffinity (seraphimmoonshadow) WITH credit. Designs must be posted as-is, and link back to their ML listing. 
  • You are not allowed to edit any designs created in WoA. If you wish to change a design, you must do so through site means. The only exceptions to this rule is cropping for an icon, adding  palette/character info, or adding art of your own making. 
  • While you are allowed to make slight color shifts in a design, and slight changes, designs should not be unrecognizable from the original design and must be your own work. It should not be too far from the original colors, be that value/brightness/hue. You can see a sample of this here: https://www.deviantart.com/celestialsunberry/art/Very-Slight-Color-Shifting-WoA-780715841 If you want to do a full redesign, you will need to purchase in-game items.
  • Designs are for personal use only. You may not make any commercial products, nor commission anyone who will use these characters for printed projects or otherwise.
  • You are not allowed to change any designs into other species unless it is a MYO. However, doing so will void your character for the ML, and you will no longer be able to participate with that character, and all Quest items earned with that character will be removed from your inventory. If you wish to do this, you must let us know in advance so we can properly adjust the masterlist. To learn more about MYO's, please see the rules below.




  • MYO's must be your work and yours alone.
  • To purchase a MYO, you must be 18+ years of age.
  • Submitting a MYO requires a legal signature and additional terms which will be relayed to you upon purchase.
  • Only the original designer of the MYO can void the design. The design must be in your inventory to void it. 
  • When voiding a design, you are not allowed to keep any traits which violate the terms of service, or are hallmark designs of Aetheria. Whatever you create must be separate from Aetheria. Refusing to do this will result in an immediate, permanent ban. 
  • MYO slots cannot be traded if they were given out for free.
  • Once you trade a MYO that you have designed, you lose all rights to that design being voided. You are not allowed to file DMCA's against MYO's that you have created, and agree to being unable to sue or force litigation against Aetheria in any way for this. 



  • All in-game items can only be purchased with in-game currency. You are not allowed to sell in-game items for money or goods. 
  • You may get a refund of your purchase from me, celestialsunberry, within 24 hours of purchase. However, should you decide to go this route, it is unlikely that we will allow you to purchase designs in the future. Please do not buy something unless you are absolutely sure you can afford it. All other refunds are subject to the guest artist's individual terms of service, which we are not responsible for. You acknowledge and waive WoA from any responsibilities regarding this. 
  • All official purchases must be made through Paypal or via points, with 100p=$1. This protects both you, and us. 
  • Any purchase made outside of WoA, such as merch, is subject to the ToS of those websites in conjunction with this one.




  • ALL character trades have a 60 day cooldown.
  • You can only trade or sell to accounts in good standing.
  • Trades can only be made on-site. You must have an account to trade in good standing to trade or sell.
  • If you traded a design off-site, we will not guarantee a transferal on-site. Obtaining a design off-site is a breach of contract, and only the original owner can trade the design. 
  • Designs that are traded cannot be sold, regardless if art has been purchased.
  • When trading a design, you must provide details and proof of purchase
  • We recommend selling for the price stated on the Masterlist. You are however, allowed to sell any designs for whatever you wish, provided you legitimately purchased the design, and it was never traded.
  • Characters cannot be traded for anything other than art or characters. 
  • Selling or trading off-brand designs is prohibited. 
  • When you trade or sell a character, their main quest items will be traded with that character. They will be forcibly removed from your inventory.
  • You are not allowed to trade Quest items by themselves.
  • Kitpups cannot be traded.




  • All designs and assets are copyright to celestialsunberry, or respective guest artists, and may to be re-uploaded or used without permission.
  • Designs are sold with a limited license. 
  • You are not allowed to create characters based on copyrighted works. You are legally responsible for any designs you submit, as well as the artwork you upload.



Since we are using Lorekeeper as a template, any security updates will be updated as they are implemented. They will not be created by us, and, as such, we are not liable for any security damages. Do not keep your personal information on-site. 



  • We reserve the right to ban you for any reason. 
  • We generally follow a three strike rule before you are temporarily banned for six months. Should you break any additional rules during the six month period, you will be permanently banned.
  • If you are banned, you will no longer be able to own any additional characters, and agree you will not obtain designs made by WoA by purchase, trade, or gift.  
  • If you are banned, and own any MYO designs that you have created, they will be automatically voided.
  • All characters you currently own you may keep. You made trade them to other members of the site whose accounts are in good standing by sending us an an e-mail.
  • If you try to redesign any official or guest designs, you will lose all licensing rights to these designs. They will be returned to Aetheria, and repurposed.
  • Should you be banned, your site/DA name will be publicly registered under our blacklist named below, along with a given reason.
  • Should you feel you have been unfairly banned, you may appeal your case via e-mail.


1 - Should I pass away, unless I have someone appointed to give out these designs, all designs I have created will remain as mine.

2  - All Guest Designer designs will own their designs, and feel free to do with them as they choose.

3 - All designs on my TH, etc, will go to my estate. They will no longer be available for purchase.


The blacklist for all WoA can be found HERE: https://www.deviantart.com/users/outgoing?https://docs.google.com/document/d/1i0Yimo7dn51saIjXkDXEkDOJxni4Gh3kwBirETj0nug/