[C] - CAKEBUNS (Creambun Subtype)

*A frosting rose fell gently on top of the mix*
Something elegant has surfaced: Cakebuns! These creatures now come bedecked in frosting. Some are even half cake! 

[C] - Conebun (Creambun Subtype)

Conebuns are like minibuns, but they live in cones, and their ice cream is on their heads for some reason. Maybe they thought it was a hat? They rarely leave their "homes," though they are capable of floating like minibuns.

[C] - Dinobun (Creambun Subtype)

RAR!!! DINOBUNS! They walk on their hind legs, they drip with sauce...they smell like chicken...sometimes.


  • Approx 2-4 feet in height.
  • Are very chibi-like, with very short legs.
  • Can run on all fours, but are typically bipedal.
  • Are actually made of half tartar sauce!

[C] - DREAMBUNS (Creambun Subtype)

*A shimmering sugar scale fell in*
It appears these Creambuns have now become a bun/dragon. They've got wings, sharp fangs, and even some have scales! They appear to be breathing frost, too, and have magical powers of their own!

[C] - FLUFFBUNS (Creambun Subtype)

*Spun sugar fur drifted on top*
Well, these fellows do seem rather friendly. I do believe they are wagging their tails. I daresay their noses have changed, too. How odd! 

[C] - Frogginbun (Creambun Subtype)

Small in size, these children aren't bigger than six inches. They can have various coat differentiations, but always have a frog body, frog legs (no tail) and ice cream on the back, and common traits!

[C] - MINIBUN (Aetherian Species Subtype)

Minibuns are cute and squishy! They're always small, and always cute. They levitate on their blob-like tails. Their ice cream is on their backs, and they always have four fingers and a thumb on each arm! (It's possible to have multiple arms, too...if something goes wrong O_O)

[C] - MISTBUN (Creambun Subtype)

It looks like some of these buns evaporated in some way, and it looks like they're a bit stuck! Better keep part of them in that bottle, or things are going to get messy.

[C] - PURRBUNS (Creambun Subtype)

*A very small, but nut-covered bell dropped in*
Did anything even happen? Oh, here they are. I think they're a bit lazy, just laying there in the cream.
What's that? You see whiskers? I do believe they've become rather feline. 

[C] - Reefbun (Creambun Subtype)

Related to Pearlbuns, these kids are always feral, have gills, tailfins, and usually stay in shallow waters! Their ice cream is always placed on their head (either side), and they maintain regular Creambun traits up to rare except for tails/forms! They also have one additional eye color shine. Their coats are made of softly melted ice cream, but firm, and rubbery, like a dolphin.

[C] - SHIMMERBUN (Creambun Subtype)

Less powerful cousins of Dreambuns, these flightless, dragon-like buns have shimmering scales.

[C] - SNOWBUN (Creambun Subtype)

Only created during winter, Snowbuns have fluffy ear tips, reindeer horns, and giant, fluffy neck ruffles.

[C] - SWIFTBUNS (Creambun Subtype)

*A chocolate horse dropped in*
That was quite the splash!
Wait...are some of them becoming taurs? But not everyone. I think some of them got hooves, and spun sugar tails....

Bao Bun (Aetherian Species Subtype)


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