Elmsberry and more!

Posted 6 October 2020, 23:38:56 UTC :: Last edited 6 October 2020, 23:38:56 UTC by Sunny

Hello everyone! I wanted to write a quick update. 

It's autumn now, and the Murder at Elmsberry Manor has begun! The first person to get the correct answer will get a semi-custom common bab from me, and other prizes will be awarded for effort. The newest raffle is up as well.
Were past 150 kids on the masterlist, with a lot more coming. Again, if you need to submit a prompt, tell me beforehand and I'll put your kid on the ML.
Unfortunately, some very sad things in my life have slowed me down a bit. However, I am working on everything, so please be patient as I work on things.
I'm adding so much more content, so please stay tuned, and ty.