Another weekly update!

Posted 18 October 2020, 07:42:31 UTC :: Last edited 18 October 2020, 07:42:31 UTC by Sunny

I just wanted to write a short update about what's been going on this past while. Unforfunately, a friend of mine recently died, so RL has been taking its toll on me. That said, I have some things I've been working on!

I'm getting really close to getting to 100 on the original masterlist, and I hope to finish that this upcoming week, if not more. I'm really thankful for ya'lls patience as I work things out. I'm also going to try to add more of the original quests/prompts so that you guys can continue to do them!

I can't wait to see everyone's answers for Elmsberry! I also have other really neat things coming up that I hope you guys will really enjoy.

Thanks for staying tuned with us! And have a good day!