Servants Quarters


With detective gear in paw, you set about surveying the servant's quarters. Most of them proved simple, without much interest.
Darlene's room was quaint, filled with paintings, various sewing projects, and an old leather journal. You skimmed through it but found nothing noteworthy. However, as you dug around her dresser, under a packet of potpourri, you found train tickets for the next day. There was also a letter from Darlene's sister about how she couldn't wait to see her, and the "goods."
Brimsley's room was rather empty, well-organized, and smelled of furniture polish. In his closet were perfectly shined boots, except one pair outside of the closet, which were caked in mud. Stepping inside the closet, you noticed a floral scent, but could not find the source.
Mr Spex's room seemed quite homely, and he appeared to be messy. Several papers were in the trash, most of them detailing schemes on how to make money, large essays about what he'd do if he was rich. You supposed you couldn't blame the fellow. 
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