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FEB 2022 MP

Ends: 31 January 2022, 23:59:57 UTC (2 years ago)


Please make sure that you have read the QUEST INFORMATIONbefore completing this quest!


  • General Quest rules, as outlined above.
  • Shading required, but background is not.



Draw your character making something for someone they cherish!

If you do not have a WoA character, you may draw Cherry!


Reward Amount
Gold 500
Lyii 1
This prompt has ended.

[SQ] - 01

Category: Starter Quests

Getting to Know YOU



These quests are meant to be for people who are just getting into WoA and want to earn some currency, or just want something extra to do!

PLEASE NOTE THAT STARTER QUESTS CAN ONLY BE DONE -ONCE- PER PERSON. (They are not character bound.) If you don't remember where you're at, click here!


  • This quest has modded rules. All regular rules apply except shading and background are extra.
  • Make sure it's full-body and lore-accurate. If you're unsure about something, ask in Discord at the #help-desk
  • +200 shading
  • +350 background


Draw your character doing their favorite hobby!


Reward Amount
Gold 250

[SQ] - 02

Category: Starter Quests

My Dreams



These quests are meant to be for people who are just getting into WoA and want to earn some currency, or just want something extra to do!

PLEASE NOTE THAT STARTER QUESTS CAN ONLY BE DONE -ONCE- PER PERSON. (They are not character bound.) If you don't remember where you're at, click here!


  • This quest has modded rules. All regular rules apply except shading and background are extra.
  • Make sure it's full-body and lore-accurate. If you're unsure about something, ask in Discord at the #help-desk
  • +100 Consistency (same character)


Write a 400 word poem about your character's dreams.


Reward Amount
Gold 500

[SQ] - 03

Category: Starter Quests

Most Delicious



These quests are meant to be for people who are just getting into WoA and want to earn some currency, or just want something extra to do!

PLEASE NOTE THAT STARTER QUESTS CAN ONLY BE DONE -ONCE- PER PERSON. (They are not character bound.) If you don't remember where you're at, click here!


  • This quest has modded rules. All regular rules apply except shading and background are extra.
  • Make sure it's full-body and lore-accurate. If you're unsure about something, ask in Discord at the #help-desk
  • +200 for consistency (same character)
  • All images can be just sketches on non-lined paper. However, if you do color all images, you will be given an extra 1500.


  • Make your character's most favorite Earth food. It must be from scratch.
  • To begin, draw three sketches, with the date on each image and your username, as well as your character. The sketches MUST relate to cooking.
  • Take a photo at the beginning, with all the ingredients, then halfway through the process while cooking, etc, and last, the final result. You do not need to show your face.
  • You must also include the recipe as well.
  • You can always DM the images to me on Discord as well. (If you have any questions, please free to ask as well.)


Reward Amount
Gold 1500

[C]00 - Buying a Home

In order to start the Creambun Questline, you MUST finish this Questline! This is regardless if you traded a bun who has done the quests, or not!


In order to do any of the Creambun Quests, regardless of where your character is at! This is so that you have a house---you only need one of these in yiur inventory to start!



Go and purchase the Run Down Shack from  Golden Wing Realty.

For the URL, link us to your items.


Reward Amount
Homley Cot 1
Old Time Stove 1
Chewed On Table 1
Rickety Outhouse 1

[C] - 01

You must have completed [C]00 - Buying a Home before pursuing this quest.



Ra'ull Map




Nestled near the sea, the quaint village of Ra’ull beckons. It’s time to leave your Burrow, to set off on your own to make sense of this world. Clutching your brochure, you make your way down to the small Golden Wing Realty office to purchase a new home. It appears that Bridgett, who usually works at the Main Office at the Cream Cafe, is here today. She beckons you over.


If your bun looks wealthy…


"Oh my, whatever are you doing here? You really could do better," she said, peering at you over her glasses with raised eyebrows. “Unfortunately, there’s only one thing for sale right now.”


If your bun looks like a poor college student...


“And...what might you be doing here?” she asks, judgmentally staring you up and down. “I can already see that there’s only one thing in your price range.”


How rude! You’d think she’d be polite!


Either way, she whisked away your money, started stamping deeds, and then ran off to the back, sniggering after slamming a deed into your paws. Completely mortified at her behavior, you left, stunned. You hoped no one else acted so terribly. Thankfully, there were many good folk in Ra'ull.


You looked at your deed. It showed a picture of a run-down shack near a little forested area. In fact, you passed it on your way into town.  (Note: The town map can be viewed by clicking on World-->World Lore-->Quest Lore. While it is not required to read, it is recommended that you do so.)  Whatever the case, you finally had your own home. Making your way back down the dusty path, you spotted your home, in all its run-down glory, next to a small park. Taking a big breath, you walked in through its door....



Draw your Creambun moving in! (Make sure you draw the shack correctly, though you are free to remove the “For Sale” sign. You can see the Creambun alphabet here!



Reward Amount
CR1 1
Gold 1000
Creameree 100

[C] - 02

Sprucing Up




You settled in. Honestly, it didn't take that much time. The place was small; if it were any smaller, it might be considered cramped. There was a stove, which was covered in soot, as if it had not been cleaned in ages. All the corners were dusty, and there was a sort of musty smell to the whole thing. Being that it was late summer, you threw open the door to air it out. You turned your attention to the wobbly table--one of the legs had a bite out of it somehow---and frowned. Suddenly, you felt a sudden swelling in your stomach, and you realized the bathroom was an outhouse around the back. Oh well, at least the home was yours!


You slept alright that night. The cot was a bit creaky, and it wasn't exactly comfortable. You woke up to the sound of something munching. Turning your eyes downward, you saw what had been eating the table.


"That's mine, you know," you said to the tiny beast. Instead of being afraid, the critter came up to investigate. Upon recognizing you meant it no harm, the creature curled up next to you, satisfied you were its new owner.


When you awoke, your new friend was still sound asleep. Trying not to disturb it, you remember how you had stowed your things neatly underneath the bed. Reaching under, you pulled out your box of stuff. Your stomach growled as you pulled out a snack, and began munching away as you read the Guide to Ra’ull--a brochure of fun facts and information about the village, including a town map.


It was then that you noticed something on the floor at the edge of your bed. Mystified, you reached over, disturbing your fuzzy buddy, who squeaked in protest. It was a letter addressed to you, inviting you to Hammond’s Hardware store for some new furniture that you could have for free!


Excited at the potential for something other than this run-down experience, you gave your pet the rest of your snack, and trotted down to the store.




Draw yourself either:

  • Going down to Hammond's.
  • Putting your new furnature in your home. (Quaint Sunny Bed + Table.)



Reward Amount
Quaint Sunny Bed 1
Quaint Table 1
Creameree 100
Gold 500

[C] - 03

Feeding the Burbs


feeding the burbs


The evening was late. A faint summer breeze carried the scents of the harvest inside your home. You thought back on your Burrow, wondering if you had been missed. Sitting at your table, you wrote a few letters to them. Afterward, you opened up a can of soup, and, after some thought, ate it straight from the can. It was still good.


You stepped outside after, looking at the sky. It was covered in rose, damson, and golden colors. You took a moment to appreciate it, to drink in its beauty before deciding to stroll through town.


Meandering down the path, you took note of the tiny park next to your home again. It was practically in your backyard, after all. 

You meandered down the path, taking note, once again, of the tiny park next to your home. A few villagers were out and about busy with their own lives. As you came into the village square, which was more of a circle, you spied a well. It was covered in thick moss, and surrounded by four intricately carved stone benches. On one of them sat an old bun, covered in a thick purple shawl. In her paw, she clutched a large back of birdseed, and was riffling through it, before looking up and noticing you. "Oh, a newcomer!" she said cheerfully, and waved you over.





"I'm so glad I caught you," she said, "I was just about to leave." She stood slowly, picking up a gnarled, yet smooth wooden cane. She bent down, and slowly swept away a few crumbs. "Name's Mimsy. I feed the birds, usually," she said, gesturing to a nest on top of the well.



"Welcome to Ra'ull," she said, and shook your paw while absentmindedly looking towards the horizon. "Looks like there will be rain tomorrow. You best be careful. It gets awful muddy around the square. Tell you what," she said, pausing, "Why don't you feed the birds for me? I've got to get home--no real time to chat."


Before you could really say yes, she'd placed the bag in your hand. "What's your name again?" she asked, waiting until you gave it. "Fine, fine, well, so nice to meet you. I hope you have a wonderful evening."


She rushed off, seeming to care only about the horizon.


Blinking, you shrugged. Well, I suppose it was time to "feed the burbs." Settling down on the bench, which was still quite warm from Mimsy, you sprinkled the rest of the bag out on the ground, and watched as the birds came to flock around it.


All too soon, the birdseed had vanished, and you were left with something heavy in the bag. It looked like one heavy, solid Creamee, wrapped in a note that said, "Please enjoy this as a welcoming gift. -Mimsy"


You were shocked! What a kind thing to do! Too bad you didn't know where she lived. Oh well. Perhaps you would thank her tomorrow.


Holding the Creamee close, you headed home, feeling a little bit more welcomed in Ra'ull.




Draw your Creambun feeding a Purple Makoon next to the well!


Reward Amount
Gold 1000
Creameree 100

[C] - 04

The Village Garden


the village garden


You woke up, your stomach growling far too loudly. Reaching underneath your bed, your eyes closed, you found out that your pet had consumed the last package of crackers you had stashed underneath. If you were going to eat anything, you'd need to go into the village to get it.


Moaning, you rolled over, realizing there was a sudden shiver in the air. You could feel it---a tinge of fall wafting through the partially sealed cracks in the walls. While you, by nature, preferred the colder weather, seasons in Aetheria were different than on Earth. While the summer months were much more tedious on Earth, owing to not having much magic, seasons in Aetheria would hit you full on with whatever they had. It was much more complicated, and took much more out of you to keep a comfortable temperature.


Shivering a bit, you pulled the blanket around you, but you could feel your pet nibbling at your ear. Sighing, you decided it was time to go to town, and get something to eat. After all, you'd need to bring something back for your new pet.


Pulling out the brochure, which somehow had holes chewed in it, your eyes still gritty with sleep, you read again that the town center had a Village Garden. Underneath it stated that the Garden was available to everyone, so long as you were willing to work for it.


Hungrier than ever, you gave your pet some water, and got up, got ready, and went out to the Village Garden.


It wasn't too long before you arrived. Right next to the Stables was the Village Garden.


The place was surprisingly small. In fact, it looked more like a white circus tent than a green and white greenhouse. Puzzled at its size, you ducked underneath the flap to reveal a massive, massive greenhouse. Looking back outside, as amazement and wonder filled your mind, you went inside.


"Oh, hello dear!" you heard the voice of a bun, dressed in a wide brimmed hat covered in roses. "You must be the newcomer. Welcome to the Village Garden."


After getting acquainted, she explained how the Village Garden worked--some areas everyone had automatic access to, but some areas require you to be trained to access. Everyone was free to pick whatever food they needed, and as much as they needed, whenever they needed.* However, in return, everyone in the community contributed to the Garden. You were welcome to either work when you came in for food, or you were more than welcome to schedule a time to come and help out.


Looking down at your stomach, you felt a little upset. Realizing that you had not even had breakfast yet, she offered to make you some while you went to work. 


Handing some worn leather gloves to you, she directed you towards the easy section, where you could pick the following:



NAMES: Squishoo, plamato, plaush, punker, hoppish, latice, zuchi, reppi, and plato.



There were so many different kinds of things to get! Putting them all in a little basket, you then ate, and went home for the day, pondering what life was like in the small village of Ra’ull.



Draw your Creambun picking food in the Village Garden. (It can be any of the ones above.)


Reward Amount
Gold 1500
Creameree 100
Seeds 10

[C] - 05

A Day With Mimsy



It was barely light out when you woke to a sharp rapping on your door. Drowsily, you got out of bed, fumbling for the lock.


"Hello?" you asked, cracking the door open, trying not to let the cold air in. It was Mimsy. 


"Oh, good morning, my dear. It looks like I've woken you." You nodded groggily, wondering how she could be awake at this hour; her words seemed so far away. "Well then, I won't take much of your time," she said. "Would you mind helping an old bun today? My back is awful sore, and I really need someone to help move my furniture." 


Her darling gray fur was bright and bistly; she was so spry looking for her age. But in her paw was a simple cane, and you couldn’t help but mutter a, “Sure, sure…”


"I'll pay you, of course," she beamed, "and I've got tea, cookies, and cakes for when you come over. I live just down the lane; the cottage on the right---you can't miss it," she said, pointing before settling both paws on her cane. "I'll let you get back to bed. See you about noon?" You nodded, and she gave you a bright smile before waddling back down the dark lane. 


You flopped back into bed, slightly disturbing your pet; it chittered angrily at you. You hardly knew how many hours had passed. Around noon, you woke, yet your bed continued to lull you to sleep. It wasn’t until your stomach started making pangs that you got up. Still half-asleep, you munched on a cold vegetable before setting it down after a few bites in semi-distaste. Mimsy's offer sounded really good to your stomach just about now. 


Sighing, you walked out the door and began wandering down the lane in search of her cottage. You could tell it was hers before you got there; the backyard seemed to be covered in bird baths. When you reached the front, you saw a green gate with her name sprawled across it in gold. Letting yourself in, you walked to the porch, and knocked.


"Come in," she said. Hesitantly you lifted the latch, opening the door to a fantastic billow of scents. You could practically taste the cookies--your favorite, somehow--- as you walked across the threshold. "Pull up a chair," she instructed from the kitchen.


Quietly you walked towards an old round table with a delicate green lace tablecloth, looking around for where to sit. The room was neat, with knick knacks perfectly placed. It seemed the home only had a few rooms--a kitchen, living room, and bedroom/bathroom. Her bedroom door was open. You could see two bird cages in the room--both were covered in a sheer black film---and you could only assume they were sleeping. You could, however, hear the high-pitched sqwaking of a bird in the kitchen who was being fed a treat. Curious, you edged forward, and sat down on a nearby chair, trying to see through the archway into the kitchen.


You weren’t sitting long before Mimsy came bustling through. She was carrying a china tea set, complete with gold leaf trim. She placed it down, along with a tray of cookies, inviting you to dig in as she poured the tea. The cookies were so warm and soft they were like eating a piece of heaven. For a moment, you forgot you were even there. She most certainly fit the bill of a kind grandma; you could feel every ounce of her painstaking care in every bite. While thanking her profusely between bites, you asked what she needed help with.


"Oh, I've got some things I need to put in the attic--specifically a bookshelf, and a dresser. I'd also like to get the winter comforter--it's really wonderful in winter." 


“Attic?” you asked, looking around for an entrance. The place seemed so small, you wouldn’t suspect there was one. She pointed to a nearby corner where there was a rectangle shape cut out of the ceiling.


"Oh, my son used to live here with me. It’s actually quite big. You'd be surprised how much is up in that old attic," she said, sipping her tea. "I spent a fortune on preserving it. My son--his name is Jeremy--has far outgrown it. He's out traveling the world." She got up, shuffling towards a vintage shoebox on the mantle. She reached in, pulling out a few lovingly-worn postcards. Laying them the table, she let you inspect them. They really were from all over, including even remote places like Ufon. 


"Wow," you said between bites of delicious cookies, nodding your head. "That's impressive."


She nodded, seeming to get choked up a little as she swept the cards off the table and placed them gently back in the box. Just as she was about to sit down, the timer in the kitchen dinged. Not losing any time, she hustled off to the kitchen.


"So, tell me about yourself," she invited, putting on a home made even mitt, and pulling out another batch of cookies. She must have been baking all morning!


You told her about your Burrow, and how you were in Ra'ull to make sense of the world. She listened to every word with a sense of interest that was both charming, and unusual. She didn't stray from the topic, fiddle with things, or do anything that would suggest you didn't have her full attention; she portrayed an honest, genuine interest in you.


"Well," she said, sipping the last of her tea after you finished, "I'm glad you came." She began clearing the table with deft paws. Despite her back problems, it appeared Mimsy was quite active, and did a lot to keep herself sharp.


“Shall we begin, then?” she asked, picking up a stick with some sort of claw on it. You nodded, and she reached up towards the ceiling, snatching up a brass chain. Tugging on it, it fell. Mimsy hmm’d, as if she was talking to herself, and stuck the stick back in the corner.


“No one’s been up here in a long while, so, it might be dusty!” she warned, pulling her shawl around her face, and gave the chain a tug. A flurry of dust came down, and then the stairs hitched mid-way. “Would you?” she asked, coughing a little, and stood back. You took the chain and awkwardly tugged on it until it gave.


“There we go,” she said happily, lowering her shawl. “I’m sorry about all the dust. That’s a bit more than I expected! Come now...easy does it,” she said, and began climbing the stairs. You followed in suit.


The attic was, indeed, large. In fact, it seemed that it had been a bedroom at one point. There was a desk, and a round window with the world tree etched on it, facing West that you hadn’t noticed upon arriving. Mimsy walked towards the bed, which was behind several large cardboard boxes, and reached into a cedar chest to pull out a large downy comforter. It was several shades of blue and white, a patchwork quilt, and she handed it to you. You had trouble holding it; it was so big, but she picked up one side, and you carried it down the stairs together.


Afterward, she pointed out the bookshelf and dresser, which were both empty. With some trouble, you managed to get them into the attic, and fitted them snugly against one of the old desks.


“Thank you so much,” she said as you sat down, slightly out of breath. You talked for awhile longer, and then she gave you a bag of Cre, and she wouldn’t take no for an answer. Stating she needed to go run some errands, you both left the cottage. Feeling accomplished, you smiled, and waved goodbye as you went back home.




Draw yourself doing one of the following:


  • Having tea with Mimsy.
  • Getting the patchwork quilt out of the attic.
  • Moving the bookshelf or dresser into the attic.


Reward Amount
Gold 1500
Creameree 100

[C] - 06

A Day at the Stables


a day at the stables


When you woke the next morning, you had yourself a most delightful breakfast...and then pulled out the brochure again. Where should you explore next? You considered.


The Stables were right next to the Village Garden, and the brochure said you could earn money there, too--good! 


After feeding your pet, you got yourself ready, and trotted out of your house. The crisp fall air made you want to grab your coat, but you just waved that thought away and made your way towards the Stable, which you figured would be warm.


You hurried to the stables, trying to enjoy the world around you. The foliage had really started to turn. It wasn’t too long before you saw the Stables--a quaint, vintage looking building with plenty of acreage behind it. Seiva, a small bun who was holding a rake and looking rather busy, was the first person you saw. (You were a bit amazed he could see, considering the fact his hair was covering his eyes.)


“Hello?” you approached, unsure of who they were. “I’m...looking for Sally?” you inquired. He paused, and, without looking at you, pointed towards the inside of the building, and went back to feeding the animals in the pen.


You shook your head, and went in through the front door, which actually opened up into a shop filled with all sorts of things a farmer would need. You saw the owner, Sally, doing inventory at the desk.


“What can I do for ya, hun?” she asked.


“I’m looking for a job?” you inquired, with slight uncertainty. “I just moved in and the brochure said you’d be needing help this harvest.”


“Well, I do have work, but you’re going to need your own Mount if you want to earn some Cre. But, first, you need some experience,” she said with a drawl, and whipped out a seed from behind the counter and slammed it into your palm. “Plant this on your property. It’ll turn into a stable. Tomorrow, come back to me and we’ll talk about getting you a nunee.”


“A...nunee?” you whispered half under your breath, but Sally cut you off.


“I’ll tell you about it tomorrow, darlin. It’s fall, and I’ve got a lot to do, so come back tomorrow, and I’ll answer all your questions.”


“All right,” you said, staring at the seed. When you looked up, she was gone, and you left the store.


Walking home thoughtfully, you stared at the seed. It quivered in your paw. Was this like Jack in the Beanstalk? You wondered. Well, guess I’ll find out...



Draw yourself planting the seed in your backyard, with a fall background.




Reward Amount
Gold 1500
One Mount Stable 1
Creameree 100

[C] - 07

Your Nunee Friend




You awoke the next day to a rather nippy morning. The scent of rotting leaves and wet wood lingered in the air, and the burn of frost had crept underneath your door and into your home. Shivering, you went about shoving a few newspapers in the crack of the door, starting a fire, and began making breakfast.


Peering out the window, much to your delight, you saw that the stable had sprouted. During the night it had erupted with a large crack, but you, supposedly, slept right through it. Grabbing a nearby blanket, you rushed out to see it, casually moving the newspapers out of the way.


It was smaller than you expected. Still, it was cozy, well built, and fitted with a few things that any mount owner might need---a few bales of some type of grass, along with a rake and bucket.


How curious! Curious indeed, you thought. Feeling a shiver run down your spine, you hurried back into the warmth of your home. Breakfast was almost done, after all. 


When you were ready, you made your way back to Sally's. 


As you approached, you noticed a big pile of leaves neatly stacked in the yard. There was a big pile of wood that looked like it was being chopped, but there was no one in sight. Walking into the store, you heard a faint antique bell ring. 


"Hello?" you inquired into the empty store. It smelled heavily of wood and potpourri. You walked up to the counter, but no one was behind it. Twisting your mouth in confusion, you lifted yourself on the counter, trying to peer into the back. "Hello?"


"What in tarnation are you even doing?" Came a sharp voice from behind you. You spun to see Sally giving you a half serious, half displeased face. 


"I'm just messin with ya," she said, walking behind the counter. "What can I do you for today? Oh, that's right. Nunee. Y'know anything about animals?" She paused, waiting for an answer.


"A l-little," you stammered. "I have a pet."


"Well, taking care of an animal is an awful lot of work. But, I have an older feller that will do you just fine. Come behind the counter," she said, motioning to you. "Come on now, don't be shy. We got a lot to cover, and I don't have the time to dawdle."

You walked behind the counter, unsure of what to make of her brisque personality. She proceeded to walk through the back, weaving through piles of inventory stacked far too high. Tripping, you tried to meander through without touching anything, but it was near impossible. Sally didn’t seem to notice, or she simply didn’t care. Eventually, she stopped, and, opening an old latch on a thick wooden door, and let you squeeze through with a, “Barn’s out there.” Locking it behind you, she lead you down a slick, wet slope towards a tiny little brown and blue barn.


Inside, it was somewhat dim. A few lanterns lit the way, and you could see streams of sunlight coming through the cracks in the roof. The smell of fresh sawdust and dampness was almost overpowering, as though it sought to avoid the stench of animals. It was also packed with all kinds of farm equipment, and only had a few stalls, one of which held a very sleepy nunee.


Drowsily, the nunee raised his soft, somewhat matted head, and made a soft, low meowing noise.


"This is Drowsy," Sally said, patting his muzzle. "He's older but reliable, except he'd rather be napping than doing anything else." She reached into a nearby bag, pulling out some honey glazed nuts, and dropped them in your paw. "Give him some." Drowsy made a soft whicker-mew and began munching from your paw. After he finished, he began licking your paw. "I think he likes you," she said, chuckling. "Now, if you want work, you'll need to learn to how to take care of him; he'll be yours. There's two types of job openings. The first is delivering packages, and the second is delivering larger goods. Delivering packages requires a saddle. Most jobs are short, and easy to do, provided you keep the packages safe. Delivering goods, like apples from the farm, requires more effort, but the pay is better. The choice is yours," she said, while patting him. "Are you still interested?" You nodded. "Good. Which job would prefer?" You choose. "Great. Then let's get started!"


Over the next few weeks, Sally taught you all the basics---feeding a block of ferynsea grass at morning a night, keeping his stall and equipment clean, general know-how, etc. 


Finally the day came for your first delivery, and take Drowsy back home with you. 


Please not whatever one you choose, you will earn the other one later. 

If you want the saddle:

Draw riding your nunee while delivering packages.


If you want the wagon:

Draw your nunee pulling a cart full of goods with you in it.



A nunee, plus your choice of saddle or wagon. 

2500Cre + 500hc


Please not while the nunee in the story is referred to as male, and will continue to be referred to as male, you are welcome to change your nunee's gender/name.


Reward Amount
Gold 2500
Creameree 100
Hay Coins 500

[C] - 08

An Embarrassing Situation




To learn more about locations, characters, and more, please see the Quest Lore!


Life in Ra'ull had become quite comfortable. You'd met most of the folk in town--you'd even met its quirky Mayor. Sally was done with most of her heavy deliveries, and let you keep Drowsy as a gift. (You were still welcome to work for her at your leisure!) Everyone seemed so pleasant, and you even made a few friends.


Fall had really picked up at this point. All the deciduous trees had dropped their greens, dipping into golden brown and red hues. You'd spent the morning volunteering at the Community Center's kitchen, which was abuzz with warmth and smelled of cider and pancakes. As you were sitting down with your breakfast, Terrance came up to you, waving.


"Good morning, my dearest friend," Terrance bellowed with his joyful, proper voice. "It's so good to see you." 


After exchanging the usual pleasantries, Terrance leaned forward. "I have a bit of an...unusual task for you today," he said, leaning forward in a whisper, his cheeks flushed. "If you would," he paused, looking around the dining room, which was largely ignoring him, "I would make you privy to this...information in a more secure...location," he said softly, then bellowed, "Ah! What fine food you've made this morning. I don't suppose I could have seconds?" He smiled, winking. 


"Of course, of course," you said, shoveling the rest of your food in your mouth. You felt a sudden cold shudder-either fear, or excitement...perhaps both. Picking up your plate, you made your way into the small kitchen, Terrance closely behind you. "So, what's up?"


"Well…" Terrance paused, weighing his words carefully. "I would make you privy of a quite delicate situation. You see, perhaps, about a week ago, I...went for a bit of a jaunt down to the Crescent Lakes. I wished to procure a few fish for the missus, but I am afraid I...might have lost my way. About noon, I found myself near…" he leaned forward, "a of...wonderment, shall we say? Big buildings, abandoned, of course. I sat down for a rest, to get my bearings, when a most peculiar thing happened. I turned to my left when a certain creature of disproportion hideousness appeared. I'm afraid my virtues left me, and I went home on the spot! Unfortunately, it seems I not only left my fishing pole, but a handkerchief the missus made for me just last year." He wrung his hands. "I don't suppose you would be so kind as to fetch my belongings? You're welcome to have the fishing pole for your troubles."


" want me to find where you were, and bring back your stuff?"


"Quite, quite," he said, nodding emphatically.


"What exactly was this...creature?" 


"Uh...of the arachnid variety, I'm afraid," he spat out quickly. "Oh, you will do it, won't you? You are much braver than one such as myself." He began patting his brow in distress with an invisible handkerchief. "I am quite out of sorts!"


So, he saw a spider, and ran for it. Not a bad strategy, you thought. You agreed to do the job.


"Oh, thank you, thank you," he said, shaking your paw furiously, and made his way back to the tables. He began shoveling food in his mouth, sighing and closing his eyes as the flush color of his cheeks faded. 


Hanging up your apron, you walked out into the town square, nodding to Terrance as you passed. He seemed fully consumed by his meal. You felt a parting sense of both sympathy and annoyance for the fellow.


Deciding it was in your best interest to be prepared, you walked down the lane to your home. Perhaps you would take your pet with you; Spider's Wonderland was no joke. When Ra'ull was first settled, the Fruit Forest was the center of attention. It was only after some time the few denizens--woodcutter and orchard growers by nature---noticed that something wasn't quite right. Towards the East, past what was a medium sized clearing, the fruit trees stopped, and something else began. The bristled boughs were bedecked in webs, making a fine silk that was eventually made into clothing. The spiders were, of course, perturbed, but gentle unless provoked. It wasn't until a few unlucky adventurers went past the fringes of the woods that the spiders showed their venomous nature. Only one of the party of three returned. 


He came in a stupor back to his cabin. In a feverish, soft voice, he told stories of trees that moved, how the labyrinth of roots halted his escape, and of a shadow, in spider form, that chased them. Yet, no such creature followed, preferring simply to live within its domain, merely tolerating the presence of others unless pressed upon. Removing a blood-soaked scarf, he revealed he had been bitten by something, and soon after, passed. 


Some believed his story; others did not. However, a law was passed that none should go past the fringe of the forest, and the harvesting of silk would be kept to a minimum. A picket fence, which was nearly rotten away at this point, had been erected. You'd seen it several times, but had never ventured too close, knowing the town law.


It seemed, however, that the townsfolk had easily forgotten the tragedy. The fence was, after all, not kept up. In fact, you were quite certain no one cared, not even the Mayor, who was laid back, and a bit silly, unless trouble was caused. Some of the forest had been moved, and a pathway made to the Crescent Lakes. There were some abandoned buildings near the fringes of the forest---that must be where Terrance dropped his belongings---you were sure of it.


After bundling together some necessities, you urged your pet to climb on your back, and off you went, past the Park and back into the village square. Passing Mimsy's house, you waved to her--she was putting pumpkins and various fall goodies outside--and made your way towards the docks, where a few lonely fishing boats gently rocked in the shallows. 


The Crescent Lakes were fairly large, spanning several miles. Most fished in the Western side, owing to SW cupping the East side of the Lakes. That said, the fish in the Eastern part of the Lakes were much larger, and rare, which was probably why Terrance had tried to make his way to that side. The path that was well-traveled ran against the edge of the Western side and was easy to follow. However, the one towards the East was largely overgrown, and much of it was covered in thick, dead plants. It would require significant effort to pick through, owing to the thick shrubbery and broken branches that hung over it.


As you walked along the edge of the safe path, you saw that it split. An old, weathered sign, half-broken spelled, "Lake Lodge," and point to the left. Staring down the path, you grimaced. Why did Terrance ever think this was a good idea? 


You looked at the sky. It seemed to be growing more overcast, and a slight feeling of unease settled on you. Patting you pet for comfort, you started your way down the winding path. For nearly an hour you squeezed, ducked, and jumped over through the debris. Fortunately, Terrance's stumbling about had made the path slightly easier to follow. You could tell that the wind had picked up, but the thick bushes sheltered you from fall's chilly embrace. Trying to avoid being scratched, you sat in the middle of the path, to catch your breath. Aside from the wind, the forest seemed still. Though you were tired, the longer you sat, the more uneasy you felt. You could almost swear that something was watching you, but your pet seemed unconcerned, so perhaps it was nothing. 


After a few minutes, you began your trek again. Much to your delight, about fifteen minutes later, you saw that the bushes were thinning. The path suddenly opened up to a clearing, in which three dilapidated log cabin style buildings stood. Finally! 

(Night time version.)

The main building was quite large at three stories, with a peaked roof and several broken windows. Its porch, held up by once-graceful wooden pillars, was both imposing, yet grand and inviting. The style was quite unique, and though it threw you off a little, you liked it.


With a lighter step, you made your way towards the porch where, with delight, you spied Terrance's belongings just as a torrent of rain started to pour down on you. Whisking them into the safety of your paws, you bolted under the porch, avoiding the sudden downpour. The withered wood creaked beneath you; it almost gave way as you misstepped, and from then on, you were quite cautious. Propping yourself against the porch, you looked at the front door, and considered taking shelter inside.


The wind started to howl quite fiercely, its chill unusually piercing. Shivering, you stepped into the abode, through its mostly broken door, carefully dodging bits of broken glass. Turning, you tried to close the door; it was difficult, and would not close all the way. Grunting, you tried to fasten it, but the storm surged and the door slammed shut. Yanking at the handle, you found it would not budge. Was some force holding it in place, or was it simply stuck? In a panic you looked around for other means of escape, and breathed a sigh of relief, realizing there were other ways out. Now what?


The air was damp, and held a certain chill beyond the storm. It was dark, and musty. The light of day barely held a prescience, and a feeling of unease spread over you. You paused, holding your breath as the storm whistled around the front of the house. Yet it was surprisingly still inside. Wrinkling your nose, you took off your backpack, opening to find your pet sleeping soundly. They awoke with a yawn, then shot up straight, climbing onto your head, ears pricked, trembling. 


"What's got into you?" you whispered softly. "S-spiders?" Your pet curled around your ears, and hissed. "We can't go back out there…" The house began to creak and sway. " anyone there?" You called out into the darkness. "Look...I mean you no harm. I...I'm just seeking shelter from the storm. As soon as it's gone, I promise I will be on my way."


In an instant, the storm stopped. Yelping, you dashed out a nearby window, expecting to see massive flooding, but the ground was...dry. Was it all an illusion? You were still wet. No time to ponder, though! Whatever was there most definitely wanted you to get out! You had passed the fringe of its grace, and you weren't about to stick around.


Your way back was much quicker. This time, you didn't care about snapping branches, or cuts into your cream. Though it hurt, the wounds were minor, and you healed them as you went. By the time you got out of the bushes, it was late afternoon, and you were exhausted. You plopped onto the dying grass next to the well-trodden trail. Your pet, who had held on for dear life with your stumbling, slumped down your back, and stick out its tongue.


"Don't worry," you assured your pet. "We're not doing that again." Your pet responded by crawling into your bag and shutting the flap. 


After resting a while, you made your way back to Terrance's home. He opened the door, saw your disheveled look. "Oh my," he said softly. "Are you alright?"


You informed him about how you felt, and what transpired. 


"Goodness me! What a travesty! I perish at the thought. You were able to procure my items, though, correct? Yes, yes, of course. I see that you have. Hm. Wait a moment," he said, and scurried back inside. "She won't like this, but here you go, for your troubles." He shoved 500Cre into your paws. "No, I won't take no for an answer."


"Terrance? Terrance! Is someone at the door?" A faint voice called.


"Yes, dear!" He yelled behind him. "I better go. Enjoy the fishing pole!" He said, and promptly shut the door.



Draw you, and your pet doing one of the following:


  • A: Draw you and your pet inside the creepy lodge! 
  • B: Draw you and your pet trying to get through the covered path.
  • C: Draw you and your pet plopped on the ground after the ordeal.




+BQ Fishing access

+2500 cre



For an additional 2000g draw you, and your nunee going to fish around Crescent Lakes!


Reward Amount
C - FP 1
Gold 2500
Creameree 100

[C] - 09

The Autumn Hour


the autumn hour


For notation, Didra is yellow, Mathir is orange, Theodore is green, and Sylonwi is blue.


The morning was filled with the sweet pitter-patter of raindrops. The few leaves that remained on the trees shivered, and held on in the wind with vigor. While snow flurries had yet to fall, the rain was icy cold. Every day seemed to be wet. You could hardly go outside without your mud boots.


Stoking the fire, you took out your brochure thoughtfully. It was starting to show signs of wear. Lovingly you turned to the seasonal page which boasted of a late fall festival called the Autumn Hour. There would be wassail and all kinds of goods from the local area. You could practically taste the warmth of the harvest. The festival lasted two days, all through the night, where everyone would gather and view the changing on the moons at midnight. Didra and Mathir would become visible in all their orange glory, while Theodore and Sylonwi went to "sleep" for the winter. 


Your pet, sadly, was becoming less and less active. It would seem that the creature planned to slumber for the upcoming winter, and barely left the house. It was a warning, to be sure, to be prepared for winter yourself. Even your nunee was getting a heavier coat. After the festival, you would need to make a trip to the Cafe to stock up for winter, and to pull money out of your savings. 


The festivities would begin around noon. As you busied yourself around, you heard a knock. Curiously, you opened the door, only to find Hammond at your doorstep.


"Mornin'," he said, tipping his hat. "I know it's almost winter, and since no one ever picked this up, I figured you might have a use for it." He pulled off the bed of his truck the item in question.  It was a small wardrobe.


He helped you moved the item in, though it was a bit tight. 


"Well, it fits," he said, dusting off his paws. "Y'ought ta consider getting a home upgrade afore winter."


You thanked him, and he left, wondering what he meant. 


As midday approached, you smelled the scent of food being cooked, and boy, did it smell delicious! There was pumpkin soup, roasting meats, vegetables, hearty, sweet and savory pies, mashed potatoes, turkey, the works! The whole town was invited, with everyone contributing something to the meal. You'd even made something for the potluck!


You tried poking your animal awake, but they were tucked into your warm bed, fast asleep. It seemed they wanted to hibernate early. Sighing, you gathered your food, making your way down to the village square. To your surprise, and delight, you saw it was covered in a giant tent with transparent mesh sides. Even if it rained--and it really did look like it would--at least the food wouldn't get soggy!


Lanterns hung from the sky via thin, transparent wires. Pennants and the Flags of the Four Burrows glistened in celebration. Everyone was already talking and laughing; you were almost sure you saw the Mayor sneaking a chip or two. You suspiciously stared at him and he turned away, as if you’d seen nothing.


Putting down your food, you took a seat as the Mayor gleefully ran up to his throne--which was really a bunch of wooden crates stacked with pillows--and stood up on it with a microphone. Tapping it to test it, he said in a high, sprawling voice, “Welcome, welcome to the Autumn Hour!” Everyone shouted in delight. “It is my pleasure to welcome our newcomer this year,” he said, pointing to you, “to this wonderful, traditional banquet. This year, we have had a wonderful harvest, and there is more than plenty...Well, until I get started.” He shook his belly with mirth while a few chuckled. “Anyway, I’d like to thank everyone for their participation and help this year, and may the blessings of Lynia shine rise upon you as we feast!” The crowd roared, and everyone began to dig in.


You feasted, and feasted, til all you could feel was an impending tummy ache if you didn't slow down. By that time, the sun had slowly dipped behind the horizon. As you reached for your drink, a familiar voice came up from behind you saying your name. Without turning, you knew who it was…

It was Elvid, a carefree Nathanna who had once played too many pranks in Ra'ull til the Mayor whacked him with a stick of wisdom, aka, snapped a tree branch in his face. It had left a mark on the lad, who was quite naively decadent, despite the fact he lived in a treehouse made out of junk. Elvid never spoke much of his past, but you could tell he struggled with his meager situation and often found it hard to fit in. It appeared he wasn't about to give details on his past, though, and chose instead to romanticize his guitar playing as though he was a celebrity to anyone who'd listen. You groaned as he strummed his guitar behind you. Perhaps his singing would be better if a bowl of stuffing was in his mouth.


"What do you want?" You tried to ask around bites of your dessert.


He frowned, and hopped on the seat next to you. A few other Creambuns glared at him, but were just too full to do anything. "Tough crowd," he said as you tried to scoot away, "you'd think people would be happier with all this merriment. I'm providing entertainment! Quality entertainment! Oh, you scoff now, but someday, my name will be known as a famous minstrel, and were but the humble crowd that helped raised me to the zenith of my career."


A small, plump bun by the name of Roy, decided to bail. Flailing his soft, squishy arms, he rolled off the bench and off under another table to live out his days without that racket. Elvid paused, as if to sing about this travesty, but before he could do anything, you grabbed a drumstick and shoved it in his mouth. You weren't sure how you managed to move so fast, given your condition, but it was probably a record of some kind. He tried to choke it down, somewhat unsuccessfully. Everyone gave you as look of pure gratitude. 


"A bard can barely-" he tried to protest around another mouthful, but you shoved another drumstick in his mouth. In a somewhat garbled voice, he said, "I prefer fish." Blinking, you reached over, and shoved a piece of salmon in his mouth. He looked at you like, "Well, that was just rude."


"You were saying?" you taunted, but Elvid was undeterred. 


"I have something to show you, you know," he said as he managed to dodge you trying to shove more food in his mouth.


"Elvid, I can barely move," you stated, flatly. Everyone around you looked at you with an entitled expression of 'he's talking to you; you're responsible for getting rid of him.' You returned their scathing gazes with a, 'You knew him first' attitude. 


"Yet, you can move enough to shove food in my mouth," he replied with gusto. 


"I am staying right here," you replied, unmoved by his logic. "The only I am interested in--hey!! What happened to my pie!?"


"You mean this?" Elvid taunted, holding up an empty plate. 




"Now, now," he protested, holding up a paw. "You ate it all yourself; all I did was pick up your plate, like the good friend I am." He leaned forward and whispered, "I'll go wash it for you, hmm?" With that, he bounced up as if you were delusional. You looked around for confirmation of his possible exploits, but everyone was avoiding eye contact. Just then, you stomach made a noise that foretold of a coming purge. You leapt up, excusing yourself to the nearest outhouse. 


Clutching your stomach, you vacated the warm tent with a long sigh. The night was surprisingly still. Your breath came out in a hazy fog, and the loudest sound seemed to be your feet against the cold earth. A slight feeling of unease began to spread over your chest. It choked up your throat, causing you to cough--a sound that echoed like a tree snapping in half. Something...felt off. You tried to dissuade the thought, blaming it on indigestion, but as you walked farther from the tent, you wished for Elvid's company, even if he had eaten your dessert. 


Rushing into an outhouse, you shut the door fast. If this was the end for you, you weren't about to munched up willy-nilly. 


After taking care of business and washing up, you cracked the door open. A slight breeze had started; the half-dead grass blades were whispering a sinister melody. In the distance, just down the path always, you saw a hideously contorted shape made of black flames. It moved with predatory grace, a silent, teeming silhouette of shadows...and it was headed towards you.


With a soft yelp, you pulled the door closed, hoping it hadn't heard you. Closing your eyes tight, you held your breath. You heard it pause, sniff, and let out a small hiss. Then, it was gone. You felt the chill vanish, like a roaring fire in your blood. You burst out of the lavatory, feeling your stomach gurgle in were glad you had already vacated yourself...and ran pell-mell to the tent. You burst inside to see Elvid casually chatting with himself.


“Behold, my friend of wonder returns!” he exclaimed, but paused when he saw you bend over to catch your breath. “Are...are you alright there?”


Suddenly, a thought struck. What if that dratted Elvid had planned the whole thing! What if it was merely a prank, and he got you good!? 


“Ohhhh,” you growled, “I see. Elvid, you scared the sugar out of me!”


Elvid scrunched up his face. He looked around for the other buns for an answer, but most had already trundled off upon your departure.


“The thing!” you said, glaring at him. “You know!”


Elvid turned to the nearest bun. “Excuse me. Don’t mind my friend here; thank you for the lovely conversation.” He grabbed you by the shoulders and steered you away. 


“What are you doing!?” you yelled in a harsh whisper.


“Taking you out of earshot,” he replied. “Now what are you going on about, dear friend? You do seem so out of sorts.”


“Why did you prank me!?” you barked.


He shook his head. “On my honor as...well…” he looked around for something, “Well, by Didra and Mathir, I pulled no prank on you,” he said stoutly.


“Then…” your voice trailed off. In hurried whispers, you told him what had happened. 


Elvid paused, looking around him to see that many folks had already began to gather for the Autumn Hour. “We ought to tell the mayor...but later, after Didra and Mathir rise. Whatever you saw, I don’t doubt you saw it. This time of year is always a bit mystical; you never know what old things might get dredged up. It's enough to make this bard's stomach churn for sure.”


Old things? Dredged up? Whatever was he going on about? Before you could question him further, he pushed you deep into the crowd, forcing you to momentarily forget about the episode. 


It was time for the Autumn Hour. The crowd had already started walking into the nearby field, sitting down. Blankets and hot drinks were making the rounds as a sense of awe unfolded. Everyone whispered their enthusiasm, giggling and waiting to take photos of the occasion.


Throughout the next hour, you watched as the moons slowly switched places. It was magical; you'd almost forgotten everything until the crowd began to shift and disperse. You got up, checking yourself for grass clippings as everyone gave hugs and bid each other a fond goodnight. You looked around for Elvid; he was coming towards you, the Mayor in tow. You felt a frog in your throat.


"What's this I hear about you seeing something?" the Mayor asked, wiggling his cheeks.


You related the story, same as you had before. Instead of brushing you off, the Mayor harrumphed, and began to pace slowly. Finally, after a minute or two, he said, "Go home, both of you. Get some rest, but don't tell anyone else what you saw. I'll need to do some research." 


With that, he shooed you and Elvid away, and returned to his mayorly duties. You parted ways with Elvid, and made your way home in a hurry, despite being so tired. You walked in to see your pet fast asleep, and a sense of calm washed over you. Still, you fastened your door firmly, and went straight to bed.




Draw your choice of two of the following images:


  • Sitting at home with your pet. Be sure to use the appropriate furniture, etc.
  • Eating at the feast.
  • Running away from, or to, the tent.
  • Talking in hushed whispers with Elvid.
  • Watching the autumn hour.








For an extra special gift, show us what you cooked for the meal! It must be homemade: don't cheat! It can be anything fall or winter themed, but must be a complete meal or side dish. You must provide at least four progress shots, and a final shot of your meal with a sketch of your bun. (Can be a headshot.)


Doing this rewards you with a fall upgrade of your choice for Season's Greetings. This reward is account-bound, non-tradeable, and can be used for any of your buns. This reward can only be earned once, so choose wisely!


Reward Amount
Gold 3000
Creameree 100
small wardrobe 1

[B] - 00 Beach Home

Category: BTD Questline

Buy a home!


In order to do any of the Bubble Teadog Quests, regardless of where your character is at you need to buy the Beach Home! This is so that you have a house---you only need one of these in your inventory to start!



Go and purchase the Small Beach Home from  Golden Wing Realty.

For the URL, link us to your items.


Reward Amount
Lovely Sink 1
Tropical Washroom 1
Basic Hammock 1
Wooden Bath 1
Tropical Table 1

[B] - 01

Category: BTD Questline






Bubble Beach was quaint. It didn't have the large sprawling mansions, cobblestone stairwells, or shops that had no visible price tags like Barnacle Bay Homes. No, it was more on the humble side of Oliana, cupped by the well-worn path from the Crystal Steppes to Kailani Caverns, which was largely forgotten. Very few took the dangerous journey to stare at to climb the Steppes and gaze at Olaysha's Tears, or took a perilous boat to the Ashy Islands, which had long since been abandoned. The tales of those who traveled there being lost at sea, or returning with no memory of who they were, were enough for most folk to not venture too far South. 


A pup's tall tales, thought in a cavalier manner. Yet, as you emerged from Kailani, house deed in paw, you saw a sky-blue glimmer in the distance, and a shudder rolled down your spine. Hesitating, you coughed to regain your composure, and marched down the pink path with gusto to hide your unease.


Traveling for a few short miles, you found your spooky mood waning as the friendly chirping of birds and various wildlife piqued your interest. Your sense of adventure had fully returned by the time you came across a dilapidated sign with the sun-cracked words “Bubble Beach” on it. Checking it against your brochure's picture, you nodded, and followed your map. Not too far from the sign, down a winding path in the brush, which was more than a little overgrown, you caught a glimpse of your home.


It was small, to be expected.  Right in front of it, you could see someone, presumably the real estate agent, who looked entirely out of his element. His pinstripe suit, complete with a flashy lapel and gold coconut watch, screamed, “I'm rich!” He was pacing back and forth with a furrowed brow, making a new pathway in the sand in front of your doorstep when he spotted you with a sense of relief. 


“You there,” he said in a tight, deep voice. “Am I to understand you are the new owner of this…” he waved his paw with disdain, “...darling establishment?” You could barely respond before he dropped the keys in your paw. “You can see yourself in, can't you?” He said, and began looking at you for the paperwork, which he snatched from the side of your bag. He whipped out a gold ball point pen, signed it, and then gave it to you. “Sign here,” he said, and tapped his foot impatiently while you stared at him. “It's not going to sign itself,” he added, rolling his eyes. The moment you signed it, he practically shouted, “Enjoy your new home!” as he dashed down the was downright unprofessional. How rude!


Well, whatever, you thought, and returned your gaze to your home.




It really was darling, despite the fact the real estate agent had clearly meant it with a huge heap of sarcasm.  Smiling, you walked up to the door eagerly, unlocked it, and stepped inside, staring at its ammentities--a hammock with a leafy blanket, wooden sink with a mirror, a hallowed out tub, and a quaint log dining set.


Slightly mesmerized by the furnishings of your first home, you happily begin to unpack what little items you had with you. 



Draw yourself moving into your new home! Be sure that the colors and shapes are accurate.


Reward Amount
Gold 1000

[KP] - 01

The Hatching!




If you chose Natheria…


Your egg was so soft and warm, nestled in a perfect little space in thick wool blankets. After much exertion, your paw began to pop out. As you did, you saw another tiny paw--your Shimmer--hatching with you! Together you broke out, squeaking in harmony, and dived into the blankets to keep warm.


If you chose Songra…


It was hot inside your egg--too hot, in fact! As you squirmed around, blurrily looking for a way out all you found was your Shimmer's face scrunched up next to you. You looked at each other, and tried kicking with all your legs. Your egg shattered, and you rolled into the beach sand with an "oof!" 


If you choose Houen…


Your egg felt so soft and light. Balancing in the air, you bobbed up and down. Slowly you spun; someone else appeared to be in your egg with you--your Shimmer! With your Shimmer pushing on one side, and you on the other, you burst through the egg and...stayed in the same spot, spinning in the air in confusion.


If you choose Wanoa…


The starry desert night was both cold and beautiful. It was time to come out and see it for yourself! Squeaking, you began to rock with your Shimmer, much to the dismay of a nearby lynana. You rocked so hard, in fact, you propelled yourself off the nest and came crashing to the ground. Your egg shattered, leaving you and your Companion giggling dizzily! But at least you could see the stars now, right? 



For this Quest, you must have three images! They can be separate, or in a comic book style. YOUR SHIMMER MUST BE PRESENT! CLICK ME TO LEARN ABOUT SHIMMERS!


  • Image 1: Hatching out of your egg.
  • Image 2: Eating your first meal. (Your character's fave soft meal.)
  • Image 3: Learning to walk.


Reward Amount
Gold 500

[KP] - 00

General Information


  • All quests must follow the QUEST RULES.
  • Only Gen2 kitpups can do the QL.
  • Your KP must be on the ML.
  • You have two years from the time of aquiring your kitpup to finish this questline. IF YOU DO NOT FINISH YOUR two years, your kitpup will change into a Creambun, and go on-base. They will not be tradeable. (If you finish the QL, you can trade them, though.)
  • In order to start the Kitpup Questline, you must choose where your Kitpup was born. Kitpups are born in Burrows, which are cities where most living conditions are underground. This isn't always the case, of course, but it is the norm. 


There are four Burrows to choose from: Natheria (North/cold), Songra, (South/Hot), Houen, (East/cold), and Wanoa (West/hot and cold.) You can learn more about these Burrows in the World>World Lore tab under "The Four Burrows."

Your Burrow determinds the kind of pets available upon completion of all quests! They are as follows: 






Reward Amount
Gold 250

[KP] - 02




You remember what it was like to be in your egg. Whether you loved or hated it, there was a certain charm to the brief, yet not too distant, past. Slurping on some grow juice--the quintessential honey flavored drink filled with nutrients for a growing bun such as yourself--and burped rather loudly. Your Lynana giggled, wiping a drop of juice from your chin and patted you. Squeaking, you wiggled in protest. You wanted that grow juice!


Weeks and months past. Before you knew it, your Lynana had gone from carting you around to encouraging you to take your first few steps to your first few hops. Gradually you grew in size, until one day, you found your tiny paws hanging over the bed. Your lynanana, noticing your little predicament, took your paw, and led you to a whole new area of the Burrow you’d never seen.


All around you were other kitpups, who were squeaking and making pips, just like you.


“It’s almost time for school for all of you,” she said, showing you to your new room.


School? What was that? You’d never heard that word before but perhaps it would be fun? Before you could continue your thought, your lynana gathered everyone around. She handed each kitpup a round backpack, to which you first started exploring by nibbling on it.


“No,” said your lynana with a chuckle, “We are going to decorate it.” 


Carefully, your lynana began to discuss what decorating was, how you could use your backpack to carry things around, etc. You still didn’t understand it, but that’s okay. Decorating was fun! Before you knew it, hours had passed, and your backpack was finally complete. You were so tired that you almost instantly fell asleep right after dinner.


The next day, your lynana woke you up bright and bushy-tailed, ready for you to go to this “school.” Fitting you will all your essentials, and your distinct backpack, you, and the other kitpups were herded straight through something very shiny you later found out was a Portal. Trusting your lynana, you waved goodbye as all the kitpups filed through to end up in a forest clearing, in front of a tiny little schoolhouse.

It was so big for such a tiny little kitpup such as yourself. But there were so many other buns playing around in the sandbox, the swings, etc, that you rushed over and introduced yourself with your language of pips and squeaks!




  • Design your backpack. The image must be at least 250x250.
  • Draw you wearing your backpack and going to school! They can be walking towards it, playing in the playground, etc. You are welcome to draw the other kitpups in my TH folder if you want to draw them playing. (It's a +500 if you do.)


Reward Amount
Gold 500

[KP] - 03




What fun! You thought as you met all your new friends. There were so many of them but you seemed to click so quickly. Perhaps school would be much more fun than you thought? You tilted your head, thinking it over, as the sound of a loud bell rang. It was surprisingly loud, and followed by a soft voice calling everyone inside. 

Wistfully, you looked at the other kitpups, who also seemed like they would rather keep playing. But a Creambun known as your teacher, Miss Morgan, started walking towards you, and everyone reluctantly went inside.

Miss Alys Morgan’s TH


Miss Morgan ushered everyone into their seats, telling everyone to tuck their backpacks under their desk. She got everyone to quiet down as she held up a basket of treats and said whoever sat still would get a nice, fresh cookie at lunch. The sweet scent smelled so good that everyone instantly became more attentive, including the ones who had attention spans that lasted only a few seconds.

“I’m Miss Morgan, your teacher,” she began, and started gesturing to objects around the room, including a large chalkboard on a mobile rack that was freshly wiped. Briefly she explained the purpose of school and how you would grow as you learned in a way that was simple and easy to understand. Looking behind her, she explained the rest of the schoolhouse, including the play area behind her, etc. 

“Now it’s time to introduce yourself! Tell us your name, where you are from, and what you like to do!” Miss Morgan continued as she did roll call. When she called your name you happily wiggled, shoving your paw in the air, thinking about how if you were good, that cookie was going to be delicious.

It wasn’t long before everyone had introduced themselves.

“Your first lesson today is going to be learning the creambun alphabet!” Miss Morgan said excitedly and began handing out worksheets with the letters. They looked familiar--you could remember your lynana using these quite frequently. You didn’t know much about the squiggles, only that they were important. “Now follow along with me…”

She pronounced each letter as the class slowly formed them together. Before you knew it, your stomach was starting to grumble, and the teacher announced that it was time for lunch! Handing out the cookies to each of the students, she ushered everyone outside to the playground with their lunches. Sitting down, she watched over everyone as she ate her lunch as well.

Getting to know your fellow students, you ate with the group you had been playing with earlier. You pulled out your favorite food and proceeded to laugh with the other students as you guys gobbled down your food, and began playing on the swings. Before you knew it, lunch was over, and you were called back inside to do more learning…

Weeks passed. About a month or so later, you found yourself doing your first real homework--writing a paragraph about your favorite thing about school.




  • Using the alphabet, write a short few sentences about your kitpup's favorite thing about school. This must be a separate image.
  • Then draw your kitpup at their desk working on their assignment. Feel free to design your own desk, though you are welcome to use the original design here.


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