Site Changes and Spring

Posted 21 March 2021, 03:19:34 UTC :: Last edited 21 March 2021, 03:19:34 UTC by Sunny

Hello everyone! Welcome to Spring. Here are our current updates.


  • Site has been redone; this will be a year-round design!
  • New pets, icons, and general updates to the design of the site have been made as well.
  • The FAQ page has been filled out. If you have any suggestions for the FAQ, use the #help-desk in Discord.
  • The raffle has been up for this month, naturally.
  • I'm continuing to fill out the Masterlist and upload everything as I have time. I'm gonna shoot for finishing the ML in the next month or so, hopefully.
  • I am looking to hire someone who knows Lorekeeper, and can do updates for me, as well as upgrade the site so we can fix the current bugs.
  • I'm working on the species information next. I want to make sure that things are easy to understand; I know there's a lot of info, so I realize that it can be a little confusing.
  • I will be looking for guest artists sometime later this year. However, you will need to be part of the Discord and an active member to be a guest artist. I am only looking for those who are willing to invest their time.

As always, thanks for staying with us!