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24 October 2020, 18:29:53 UTC (1 year ago)
24 October 2020, 22:06:18 UTC (1 year ago) by Sunny


I think mr spex killed ms elmsberry
hes sus-

Mr spex firstly went outside while everyone was inside to weaken the power so with a strike it would go out
he went inside before darlene and the others got to the desserts, and snuck in poison in one of the cakes, which ms elmsberry would eat.
as he went through the dining room, the power goes out, he takes that time to walk in, use the tea cup near her to stab her for good measure, and walks out. She obviously tried resisting, by the bloodied glove, but most likely died very quickly. He goes into the dining room and takes a candle, which drips wax as he goes out.
He thought by doing this he and the other servants could become rich and take over the mansion, and used the chaos to get away with it
his room with all of the 'getting rich' papers was suspicious, not to mentioned he was the only named person who wasn't in the room, making him most likely to do it. Also the fact that it seems like Ms elmsberry likes Brimsley and Darlene more.


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