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[KP] - 01

The Hatching!




If you chose Natheria…


Your egg was so soft and warm, nestled in a perfect little space in thick wool blankets. After much exertion, your paw began to pop out. As you did, you saw another tiny paw--your Shimmer--hatching with you! Together you broke out, squeaking in harmony, and dived into the blankets to keep warm.


If you chose Songra…


It was hot inside your egg--too hot, in fact! As you squirmed around, blurrily looking for a way out all you found was your Shimmer's face scrunched up next to you. You looked at each other, and tried kicking with all your legs. Your egg shattered, and you rolled into the beach sand with an "oof!" 


If you choose Houen…


Your egg felt so soft and light. Balancing in the air, you bobbed up and down. Slowly you spun; someone else appeared to be in your egg with you--your Shimmer! With your Shimmer pushing on one side, and you on the other, you burst through the egg and...stayed in the same spot, spinning in the air in confusion.


If you choose Wanoa…


The starry desert night was both cold and beautiful. It was time to come out and see it for yourself! Squeaking, you began to rock with your Shimmer, much to the dismay of a nearby lynana. You rocked so hard, in fact, you propelled yourself off the nest and came crashing to the ground. Your egg shattered, leaving you and your Companion giggling dizzily! But at least you could see the stars now, right? 



For this Quest, you must have three images! They can be separate, or in a comic book style. YOUR SHIMMER MUST BE PRESENT! CLICK ME TO LEARN ABOUT SHIMMERS!


  • Image 1: Hatching out of your egg.
  • Image 2: Eating your first meal. (Your character's fave soft meal.)
  • Image 3: Learning to walk.


Reward Amount
Gold 500

[KP] - 00

General Information


  • All quests must follow the QUEST RULES.
  • Only Gen2 kitpups can do the QL.
  • Your KP must be on the ML.
  • You have two years from the time of aquiring your kitpup to finish this questline. IF YOU DO NOT FINISH YOUR two years, your kitpup will change into a Creambun, and go on-base. They will not be tradeable. (If you finish the QL, you can trade them, though.)
  • In order to start the Kitpup Questline, you must choose where your Kitpup was born. Kitpups are born in Burrows, which are cities where most living conditions are underground. This isn't always the case, of course, but it is the norm. 


There are four Burrows to choose from: Natheria (North/cold), Songra, (South/Hot), Houen, (East/cold), and Wanoa (West/hot and cold.) You can learn more about these Burrows in the World>World Lore tab under "The Four Burrows."

Your Burrow determinds the kind of pets available upon completion of all quests! They are as follows: 






Reward Amount
Gold 250

[KP] - 02




You remember what it was like to be in your egg. Whether you loved or hated it, there was a certain charm to the brief, yet not too distant, past. Slurping on some grow juice--the quintessential honey flavored drink filled with nutrients for a growing bun such as yourself--and burped rather loudly. Your Lynana giggled, wiping a drop of juice from your chin and patted you. Squeaking, you wiggled in protest. You wanted that grow juice!


Weeks and months past. Before you knew it, your Lynana had gone from carting you around to encouraging you to take your first few steps to your first few hops. Gradually you grew in size, until one day, you found your tiny paws hanging over the bed. Your lynanana, noticing your little predicament, took your paw, and led you to a whole new area of the Burrow you’d never seen.


All around you were other kitpups, who were squeaking and making pips, just like you.


“It’s almost time for school for all of you,” she said, showing you to your new room.


School? What was that? You’d never heard that word before but perhaps it would be fun? Before you could continue your thought, your lynana gathered everyone around. She handed each kitpup a round backpack, to which you first started exploring by nibbling on it.


“No,” said your lynana with a chuckle, “We are going to decorate it.” 


Carefully, your lynana began to discuss what decorating was, how you could use your backpack to carry things around, etc. You still didn’t understand it, but that’s okay. Decorating was fun! Before you knew it, hours had passed, and your backpack was finally complete. You were so tired that you almost instantly fell asleep right after dinner.


The next day, your lynana woke you up bright and bushy-tailed, ready for you to go to this “school.” Fitting you will all your essentials, and your distinct backpack, you, and the other kitpups were herded straight through something very shiny you later found out was a Portal. Trusting your lynana, you waved goodbye as all the kitpups filed through to end up in a forest clearing, in front of a tiny little schoolhouse.

It was so big for such a tiny little kitpup such as yourself. But there were so many other buns playing around in the sandbox, the swings, etc, that you rushed over and introduced yourself with your language of pips and squeaks!




  • Design your backpack. The image must be at least 250x250.
  • Draw you wearing your backpack and going to school! They can be walking towards it, playing in the playground, etc. You are welcome to draw the other kitpups in my TH folder if you want to draw them playing. (It's a +500 if you do.)


Reward Amount
Gold 500

[KP] - 03




What fun! You thought as you met all your new friends. There were so many of them but you seemed to click so quickly. Perhaps school would be much more fun than you thought? You tilted your head, thinking it over, as the sound of a loud bell rang. It was surprisingly loud, and followed by a soft voice calling everyone inside. 

Wistfully, you looked at the other kitpups, who also seemed like they would rather keep playing. But a Creambun known as your teacher, Miss Morgan, started walking towards you, and everyone reluctantly went inside.

Miss Alys Morgan’s TH


Miss Morgan ushered everyone into their seats, telling everyone to tuck their backpacks under their desk. She got everyone to quiet down as she held up a basket of treats and said whoever sat still would get a nice, fresh cookie at lunch. The sweet scent smelled so good that everyone instantly became more attentive, including the ones who had attention spans that lasted only a few seconds.

“I’m Miss Morgan, your teacher,” she began, and started gesturing to objects around the room, including a large chalkboard on a mobile rack that was freshly wiped. Briefly she explained the purpose of school and how you would grow as you learned in a way that was simple and easy to understand. Looking behind her, she explained the rest of the schoolhouse, including the play area behind her, etc. 

“Now it’s time to introduce yourself! Tell us your name, where you are from, and what you like to do!” Miss Morgan continued as she did roll call. When she called your name you happily wiggled, shoving your paw in the air, thinking about how if you were good, that cookie was going to be delicious.

It wasn’t long before everyone had introduced themselves.

“Your first lesson today is going to be learning the creambun alphabet!” Miss Morgan said excitedly and began handing out worksheets with the letters. They looked familiar--you could remember your lynana using these quite frequently. You didn’t know much about the squiggles, only that they were important. “Now follow along with me…”

She pronounced each letter as the class slowly formed them together. Before you knew it, your stomach was starting to grumble, and the teacher announced that it was time for lunch! Handing out the cookies to each of the students, she ushered everyone outside to the playground with their lunches. Sitting down, she watched over everyone as she ate her lunch as well.

Getting to know your fellow students, you ate with the group you had been playing with earlier. You pulled out your favorite food and proceeded to laugh with the other students as you guys gobbled down your food, and began playing on the swings. Before you knew it, lunch was over, and you were called back inside to do more learning…

Weeks passed. About a month or so later, you found yourself doing your first real homework--writing a paragraph about your favorite thing about school.




  • Using the alphabet, write a short few sentences about your kitpup's favorite thing about school. This must be a separate image.
  • Then draw your kitpup at their desk working on their assignment. Feel free to design your own desk, though you are welcome to use the original design here.


Reward Amount
Gold 500
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